First attempt at writing

Thinking of a new turn!It is only recently I have decided to venture in the world of writing and I would like to share my experiences. I knew from the start that it would not be easy to get started as a writer but the biggest aspect of being a writer that I failed to realize is the amount of money it would cost to manage and market my ideas.

I blindly started with the ideas I knew most. I’m not the novel or story writer type as I would like to refer to, I’m more of a technical writer who deals with “How to’s” covering the world-wide web of technology. One of the frustrating issues I’ve had when getting started was finding the right tools to automate proof reading and sentence building since Word is not able to meet all of my personal requirements. Since my talent leans more towards being a technical guy my skills in literature are very limited. So I started my venture with google searching for the right tool and as expected I got tons of links for free online editing tools. As I started to try out hundreds of these supposively free online tools I’ve started to notice how deceiving these online marketing scams can be. For every download I took on I was under the impression of the tool being totally free since that is what was usually posted on the main page of the website. But come to my surprise, after completeing the download and installation, I was not able to use the tool unless if I gave them my personal information along with some terms of monthly payment or it would just be a 30 day trial period. If it’s a trial then why not indicate that to begin with! One of the tools that I have found that is actually free is Ginger, the problem with Ginger is, it is very limited to the number of applications its compatible with. I wish there was a way for google to filter out these so called FREE tools! They are more of a FREE SCAM!

More on a positive note, after I’ve written my book and was ready to publish, I was now on a mission to figure out the best possible and most affordable way to get my ideas to the public! I’ve registered to so many various publishing companies I’m now being bombarded with tons of telemarketers from all around the world with the heaviest accents ever! I could barely understand some of these representatives. But I have an open mind and I am very much willing to work with just about anyone as long as they are upfront and direct with me. I’m also aware that if I want the best service then I would have to be willing to pay a higher price which I am not since I am a beginning author who is just starting off. But since my plan is to just to get my ideas out to the public I paid very little attention to the representatives heavy accent and wrong grammar. So I decided to go on board with a company called Bookwhirl. Before speaking with a representative by the name of Tori Torres at Bookwhirl I honestly had very little knowledge about self publishing. Her english were very good and I was able to clearly understand her. She was able to give me a crash course over the phone on some of the options I had for publishing my book along with the pros and cons of each. She had admitted that they were a new company whose goal is to provide an affordable way for authors and writers alike to market their ideas. I did take the time out to google Bookwhirl and found some positive and negative reviews. After doing some research on some of the reviews I’ve read, I’ve found that most of those reviews were only done by either just one or a few people who had a lot of free time on their hands. I’m not the type that likes to give negative reviews and mention specific companies. I usually only mention specific companies if I’m giving a positive review. But despite reading some of the negative Bookwhirl reviews I wanted to give them a chance especially since I was able to track and trace some of the reviewers of Bookwhirl and found that they were only a handful using various names and users to simply pull down a decent company who is only trying to provide an affordable service. I strongly believe in freedom of speech but I would only wish before anyone decides to ruin the name of a person or business you should try to really analyzing and placing yourself in their position. No person or business is perfect and with a little patience you might come to realize the good side of each!

To close my experiences. I admit I purposely made this blog to give the public better awareness of the actions of the negative individuals. I personally am very satisfied with my experiences with Bookwhirl. I would recommend Bookwhirl to anyone that is looking for a way to market their ideas at an affordable cost.

    • Jeff Jackson
    • June 13th, 2012

    I agree and I am currently in talks with them! Thank you again btoni72!

  1. Your very welcome Jeff jackson! Thank you for visiting my blog! 🙂

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