I’m a new Technical Writer that went through hell and back getting started! The most frustrating thing to happen to a person after putting all the time and hours of planning your ideas is to have some money greedy Self Publishing Company to come along and steal all your hard work from you! I did some research on some of the top ranking Self Publishing Companies out there. I’ve also taken the time in creating a blog explaining the whole ordeal. Please take time to look at My Blog to better understand. Thank you.

  1. I’ve created a separate page for most of the companies under review. I’m basing my reviews and the first 2 pages of my search in google using keywords like Self Publishing Reviews. Here is one for Bookwhirl Reviews. You might find some interesting information on my site. If you wish to add anything that is currently not there please feel free to do so. I’m still researching on some of the companies listed and I should have a complete list by end of the month. Thank you and enjoy!

    • Thank you for sharing Annie. Your site is actually very well made but I wish you had more positive comments in regards to Bookwhirl!

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